We are ready to receive your hand crafted items! 
* Kelly Adkins will be our gift shop manager and will receive items on Wednesday afternoons from 1-4 pm.  Appointments must be made for any other delivery times.  dac.desoto@gmail.com
*Given our very limited space in our gallery, depending on the sizes of your items you will be restricted to fewer items which will be determined as we see how to best display each artist. 
*We are also going to diligently keep up with the time the items are here and expect artists to change the items at least every 8 weeks.  
*There is now  a standards committee set up to keep our quality at the highest possible level.  So make sure to bring your most unique and interesting items.
*You may submit digital photos by email for approval. dac.desoto@gmail.com  or call if you have shown your work in the past ( this will only be acceptable if the committee is familiar with your work).
* We want as wide a variety as possible so all you creative people get busy with woodwork items, textiles, pottery and jewelry and more.  If there is an overabundance of one category there will be a waiting list and first to make a submission will be the first in line.
*We will be showing the items in our online gift shop.  As of now there will be no increase in commission to the DeSoto Arts Council and consistent volunteers will still be paid at a higher rate ( see the consignment form for more details)
Click here to download a consignment form.